Achieving green transformation through collaboration

Many regions of the world are struggling with negative effects of industrialized agriculture, which are even exacerbated by climate change. It is becoming increasingly clear that this way of extractive production and consumption is leading to a dead end. By involving people in the affected regions and sharing their knowledge, new, sustainable approaches are emerging.

Julia Loibl
December 21, 2023
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Drought, flooding, depleted soils, polluted waters, declining biodiversity - the struggle with the challenges caused by climate change and industrialized agriculture is heavily affecting regions. A bioregional approach is reconnecting people to live in balance with nature again, and to care for the regeneration of natural resources. Although each bioregion is unique, they can learn from each other. This is precisely the approach of the Bioregional Weaving Labs. To date, there are eight such labs in Europe, two of which are presented here: the Weaving Labs in Waterford (Ireland) and Altiplano Estepario (Spain).

What exactly is a Bioregional Weaving Lab, and which regions are eligible?

A Bioregional Weaving Lab is fostering a community of influential changemakers in which farmers, foresters, fishermen, conservationists, political decision-makers, scientists, citizens, and companies come together to learn how they can better connect and strengthen places and people, around a shared purpose, like transforming the bioregion. The aim is to create healthy ecosystems and a regenerative economy through the power of community and local participation.

This video shows what implementation looks like in a Bioregional Weaving Lab. Karin Müller and Pieter Ploeg explain the origins and future plans of the Labs. Sarah Prosser from Ireland talks about her role as a "Weaver", and Antonio Garcia shares some challenges for the Spanish Bioregional Weaving Lab.

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The dossier of the topic

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