[DE Copy] Cover der Summary zur Studie "Two worlds? Integration policy in urban and rural areas"
Hannes Schammann, Petra Bendel, Sandra M├╝ller, Franziska Ziegler, Tobias Wittchen

Summary: Two worlds? Integration policy in urban and rural areas

The study "Zwei Welten? Integrationspolitik in Stadt und Land" [Two worlds? Integration policy in urban and rural areas], published in 2020, investigates the municipal integration policy of 92 municipalities selected according to defined criteria in twelve German federal states (23 independent cities, 24 districts and 45 municipalities belonging to a certain district). The focus of the study is on the questions: what was the strategic response of municipalities to the increased migration in the years 2015/16 and how sustainable are the established structures? Furthermore, the study also examines the relationships between the different municipalities as well as between the municipalities and other political levels. This document is the summary of the study.

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