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Conducive Space for Peace

Innovative Practices

Changing the international system to better enable local leadership

In a rapidly changing aid system, many donors, INGOs and local actors are increasingly seeking to integrate principles of local leadership into their work. Against this backdrop, Conducive Space for Peace (CSP) collected and analyzed a range of innovative practices that can contribute to changing the international system by ensuring local leadership. This learning note aims to provide a birds-eye view of a universe of innovations taking place within the wider field of peacebuilding and development, for individuals and organizations to be inspired, to reflect on and to learn from each other. Drawing on desk research and consultations with practitioners, it presents an overview of practices in the areas of Funding, Partnerships and Learning and Accountability. Additionally, an interactive map linked to this learning note offers INGOs, bilateral donors, and other relevant actors a space to share and further explore these experiences and innovations.
The publication is a part of the partnership between the Robert Bosch Stiftung and CSP. It was made possible by core funding provided to CSP. At the center of this collaboration is the effort to ensure local actors lead in peacebuilding efforts



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