Deutsches Schulbarometer Befragung Lehrkräfte 2024
Robert Bosch Stiftung
Prof. Dr. Nina Jude, Prof. Dr. Uta Klusmann, Fatmana Selcik, Angelika Sichma, Prof. Dr. Dirk Richter, Dr. Dagmar Wolf

German Schoolbarometer teacher survey 2024

The German School Barometer is a representative longitudinal panel study that sheds light on the current situation of teachers. In the survey from November 2023, almost every second teacher reported problems with psychological or physical violence among pupils at their own school. The survey also shows that violence at their own school significantly increases the risk of burnout and stress among teachers. More than a third feel emotionally exhausted several times a week, with younger and female teachers and primary school teachers being particularly affected. Although the vast majority of teachers are satisfied with their job, more than a quarter would leave the teaching profession if they had the opportunity to do so. (Report in German langauge).


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