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Marius Tollenaere, Ahu Çelik, Fragomen Global LLP

From Analogue to Digital: Current Procedures in Germany for Issuing Visas to Professionals

In order to facilitate the immigration of skilled professionals, administrative authorities must have sufficient technical and personnel capacities.

Germany needs skilled labor migration. This requires effective migration authorities with scalable capacities. After all, the quality and speed of the application process also depend on the staffing and technical resources of the authorities. The digitalization of the application and decision-making processes can make a decisive contribution in this regard. This policy brief therefore focuses on the various institutions and actors involved in the immigration process. Taking a closer look at the existing communication channels and the state of data exchange in particular. Different data management systems and inconsistent forms of communication emerge as hurdles in the process. Accordingly, the policy brief makes concrete suggestions for improvements to simplify the immigration process, such as a personal data pool or the publication of the current processing time.
The publication is part of the "Dialogue on Tech and Migration, DoT.Mig." of the "Migration Strategy Group," a joint initiative of the Robert Bosch Stiftung, Bertelsmann Stiftung and the German Marshall Fund.

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