Robert Bosch Stiftung (Hg.)
Rainer Ohliger

2022: A New Era for Refugee and Asylum Policy?

Policy Recommendations for Learning Systems

The war between Russia and Ukraine not only raises new questions for foreign and security policy in the EU and Germany. Refugee policy has also been realigned in response to the largest movement of refugees since 1947. The European Union has responded to the situation by applying the Temporary Protection Directive. This not only allows refugees from Ukraine easy access to the EU and grants them temporary protection status without elaborate asylum procedures, but also guarantees freedom of movement within the EU. In Germany, access to the labor market and social benefits has also been made easier for those fleeing the conflict. The war and the at least temporary paradigm shift in refugee and integration policy raise general questions for migration and asylum policy in Europe and Germany. Based on scenarios and with recommendations for action, the policy paper provides impetus for the discussion of these questions.


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