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There are around 36,000 state and private schools in Germany, spread across different types of schools and 16 federal states. How do you make best-practice concepts that have proven successful at one school visible and effective for all other schools? The work of the Robert Bosch Stiftung (RBS) aims to do just that. In 2006, RBS launched the German School Award together with the Heidehof Foundation to contribute to the development of schools in Germany. Outstanding schools receive awards each year, and this has created a constantly expanding network of award-winning schools.

September 14, 2022

Many of these award-winning schools have developed best-practice concepts that have turned widespread ideas of learning and teaching on their head. The Robert Bosch Stiftung evaluates these innovative concepts, processes them with the help of researchers, and then makes them available to all schools via training courses, publications, and the online platform Das Deutsche Schulportal. A virtuous cycle that boosts and spreads best practices in schools.

So verbreitet sich gute Schulpraxis mit den Angeboten der Robert Bosch Stiftung
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The German School Award: Each year, five outstanding schools receive awards based on six quality areas. All schools in Germany and German schools abroad can apply for the Award, which is worth a total of €270,000 a year. All the applicants receive individual feedback and tailored support services.

German School Award-winners' network: In the 100 or so schools that have won the award so far there are many examples of best-practice concepts from which other schools can benefit.

Model projects for school and classroom development: The best-practice concepts that have received a German School Award are redacted by school practitioners, academics and school administrators and then disseminated across Germany’s 16 federal states. This results in joint pilot projects, with the federal states integrating particularly successful learning concepts into their qualification programs for teachers.

Research program: We promote research to gain insights into best-practice schooling and then publish the results.

The German Schools Portal: The award-winning best-practice concepts are presented to the public in digital form on the German Schools Portal. This film, audio or text content serves as an inspiration for all interested teachers, who can also find the latest schools and education policy news on this portal.

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