In Brief

About the project

VOTO is a digital information platform aiming to reach those who are not currently exercising their right to vote. Candidates in local elections use VOTO to answer questions on (local) political issues. Voters can then compare what candidates are saying with what they, the voters, believe, giving them  an easy tool to compare positions of  political parties and candidates.
VOTO is supported by a community of dedicated individuals from civil society, academia, the media, and public institutions and is generating increased public interest in elections and local politics.  
Little by little, the community is being built up, systematically evaluated, and improved together with people  using VOTO in the local elections in Lower Saxony. Next, it will be gradually expanded to be used beyond local elections, e.g. for school or university elections. 

Contact person

Julius Oblong
e-mail to Julius Oblong

Contact at Robert Bosch Foundation