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Journalists play a key role in bringing fact-based information to the global public and identifying solutions to help reduce structural disadvantages. However, journalism itself is characterized by a deep inequity. Including journalists who are themselves affected by a range of structural barriers – based on ethnicity, gender, disability, class, age, religion, worldview, or geographic location – could provide more nuanced perspectives. Yet precisely these groups are dramatically underrepresented, especially in Western newsrooms. This is why ‘Unbias the News’ seeks to empower diverse voices and illuminate blind spots in global reporting by launching a cross-border newsroom. Our partner Hostwriter focuses primarily on better networking, tailored mentoring, and developing a knowledge-sharing platform to give journalists better access to traditional, mainstream media.

Nigerian journalist Mercy Abang on the idea of Unbias the News

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Julia Vernersson
Managing Director
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Apolline Moulaire
Project Manager
Phone+49 711 46084-316
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