The Role of Climate Change in the Palestinian Israeli Conflict

The project aims to address climate change policies and their impact on the Palestinian community in Israel.

The project aims to promote equitable and just national climate change policies that effectively address the impact of climate change on the Palestinian community to improve their resilience, well-being and quality of life. Within the framework of the project, Citizens for the Environment (CfE) will work closely with key government officials, representatives of the Palestinian community, climate change experts, policymakers, local government representatives, and climate activists’ youth to evaluate the impact of climate change on the Palestinian community in Israel and map its challenges. CfE will work to engage and involve Palestinian community representatives in policy talks and provide them with tools to advocate for equal and just policies.

Who organizes and supports the project?

Citizens for the Environment (CfE) is a non-for-profit organization established in Israel. CfE promotes inclusive action that addresses the impact of climate change and environmental hazards through joint Arab-Jewish cooperation and addresses Israel's geographic and social periphery in the Galilee and the Triangle region. CfE is a registered NGO since 1990.

Contact Person

Jamila Hardal Wakim
Citizens for the Environment
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