Find it, Define it, Time it – Civil Action for Climate

The project aims to promote the integration of climate change adaptation and environmental governance into every aspect of democratic and participatory urban development processes in Israel’s mixed cities.

The consequences of climate change are expected to strongly impact Israel’s mixed cities. Most of these cities suffer from societal and economic shortcomings as well as insufficient planning. Additionally, Israel’s urban planning system is hardly accessible for marginalized communities such as the Arab minority. These issues contribute to the emergence of inter-community tensions and conflict. The Arab Center for Alternative Planning (ACAP) seeks to intervene in those fields. The stark impact of urban planning on every aspect of everyday life makes urban development a sensitive and contested subject. However, planning processes are complex and largely intransparent for citizens and many decision-makers alike. The project aims at embedding environment and climate change at all levels of urban planning, decision making, and action.

Who implements the project?

The Arab Center for Alternative Planning (ACAP) is a nongovernmental, non-profit organization located in Eilaboun, Israel (Galilee), established in December 2000. In January 2004, ACAP was recognized by the Ministry of Interior as a public organization with the legal right to intervene in official planning procedures. ACAP works toward equality and integration of Israel's Arab citizens, closing existing gaps between Jewish and Arab citizens in various spheres including urban development.

Meirim Association is a non-profit organization founded in 2020 that brings together professionals and social activists from different fields. The objective of Meirim is to increase transparency and public involvement in the Israeli urban planning system using digital innovation tools.

Contact person

Sirin Hassan
Arab Center for Alternative Planning
e-mail to Sirin Hassan