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Climate change has far-reaching implications for Israel and the Middle East. Experts predict that the future of the region will be dramatically affected by changing climate conditions and extreme weather events, the depletion of natural resources, and ongoing human pollution. Existing lines of social conflict in Israel will be further exacerbated by these dynamics, especially where different groups come together, and segregation and social exclusion are present.
Therefore, the Robert Bosch Stiftung's program "Environmental Policy and Social Justice in Israel" is aimed at institutions and individuals working at the local level on the links between climate change, environmental policy, conflict, and social justice, and addressing these with sustainable approaches. Our focus is on locally-led approaches, as local actors and communities, their knowledge and commitment contribute to sustainable social peace.
In addition to providing financial and non-material support to the funded institutions, our goal is to connect committed individuals and institutions. We are convinced that this exchange contributes to a comprehensive learning experience, which in turn strengthens and makes visible the work of those involved.





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