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About the Project

Muslim women are often at the center of heated debates without their voices being heard. They are a diverse group, bringing very different expertise to the table, though this is often not visible. The project “Muslim Women for Greater Participation” aims to support women in overcoming barriers that impede their access to the labor market, improving their opportunities for full social participation. Project implementation primarily comprises exchange and networking with major influencers in this field, the joint development of solution strategies to reduce barriers, and the individual improvement of self-help structures. The aim is to identify and change structures that impede their integration into the labor market, going against the principle of equal rights for all people. The project is not only open to Muslim women, but to all women facing diversity-related challenges.

The project is run by “Aktionsbündnis muslimischer Frauen” (AmF). The organization unites Muslim women in all their diversity and establishes professional structures to shine the spotlight on the different interests and expertise of Muslim women and to integrate these more effectively in societal developments. This way, the AmF aims to contribute to greater opportunities and equal rights for all women in Germany – on the labor market, in the education system, and in public debate. The alliance strengthens the voices of women facing diversity-related challenges, supporting them in bringing their expertise and commitment to the public sphere.

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Volker Nüske
Senior Project Manager
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