In Brief

What is it about?

What is powersharing? What mechanisms are effective? What does implementation ultimately mean for all those involved? As part of our series of events, we would like to take a closer look at the still relatively unknown concept of powersharing. First of all, powersharing-strategies are based on the recognition of unequal power relations and imply the (re)distribution of resources, access and privileges. 

Discrimination and denial of participation on the basis of origin, culture and/or religion exist in very different systems and institutions. Empowering concepts that strengthen the resilience of affected groups work against this. To initiate structural change, it is also necessary to address privileged actors and transform powerful organisations. 

As part of our funding activities, we support organisations that are interested in shifting structures towards a more equitable distribution in order to make a central contribution to balancing the interests of different social groups.

Recording of the event on 09/05/23


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