What are our goals?

The project aims to mainstream migrant-self-organizations, better integrating them into social work management structures and associated funding. Furthermore, the project hopes to empower MSOs to contribute their services, experience, and expertise through access to relevant expert committees and networks. This also includes changing how their work is perceived and raising stakeholder awareness within the social sector regarding existing structural and institutional inequalities and discrimination.   

How does the project work?

To achieve these goals, the Paritätische NRW is implementing a number of tandem project collaborations, whereby each migrant self-organization is partnered with an additional organization outside the sphere of migration. Over the course of a year, they will pass on funding and provide professional support to aid twelve of these partnerships in total, encompassing work with disabled people, older people, women and girls, or the LGBTQIA+ community. The Paritätische NRW believes it is important that both tandem partners work together as equals, with both sides benefiting and learning from the project and each other. The findings from the project will be incorporated into recommendations for successful partnerships.

Projects must be in North Rhine-Westphalia to receive support.