Why are we running this project?

Some 600,000 Muslims live in Baden-Württemberg, many of whom were born and raised there. The majority of them wish to stay in Germany permanently and are already shaping and influencing life in their communities. With a range of initiatives, Islamic organizations can reach target groups that other bodies simply cannot. By contrast, long-term involvement in communal fields of activity cannot be taken for granted. Communal institutions and official bodies often feel a sense of unease and uncertainty, which is shared in many cases by Islamic organizations.

How does the project work?

The Islamic Affairs Consultant appointed as part of the Partnership with Muslims in Baden-Württemberg – Information, Advice, Dialog project started work in April 2015. He will be offering advice for communities and Islamic organizations on what are often highly situation-specific issues.

What are our goals?

The aim is to strengthen knowledge of Islamic affairs in the communities of Baden-Württemberg and help Islamic figures become more involved in local communication and decision-making processes.