Pilot project Integration Hub

With Campus Esche, the Integration Hub concept as a pilot project for integration is being implemented for the first time:

A former clinic area in Berlin-Westend with 8 buildings, including two accommodations for refugees, is to be developed into one of the most important arrival and participation locations in the city. Since summer 2020, the area is being transformed into a lively campus and a place of community and neighborhood, involving all local institutions and the local people while focusing on the interests and needs of the different user groups.

The vision of Campus Esche is to create a place where people come together and shape society together. The goal is the encounter, creative work and personal development of the users, whose talents and ideas are developed into initiatives.

The campus can provide additional benefits for the district and the urban society through its offerings, the interaction of the institutions and people, and the special atmosphere. In addition, an inspiring model project is being created that will also affect the surrounding region.

The project Campus Esche is planned and realized by MORE THAN SHELTERS in cooperation with the integration office Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf as well as with the actors active on the area, local initiatives and with the participation of several senate administrations. The project is funded by the Robert Bosch Stiftung and the district of Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf.

Campus Esche is a state-owned site with a total size of 2.1 hectares (21,152 square meters) in the middle of Berlin-Westend. Until 2014, the site belonged to the Department of Psychology and Neurology at Freie Universität Berlin. With the concentration of the university on its campus in Zehlendorf, the area was unused. In 2015, the vacant ward house and a villa were reopened as accommodation for refugees.