Innovation in Africa-Europe relations beyond Covid-19

In Brief

About the project

Climate, trade, investments in infrastructure, governance and migration will be on the agenda of the AU-EU Summit. Some of these issues will be easier than others to find agreement on. It is no secret that migration remains a highly contentious issue in Africa-Europe relations. 

In collaboration with ODI Europe, we launch a series of webinars exploring innovative initiatives to strengthen Africa-Europe relations on migration, mobility and beyond. 

A kick-off event in December 2020 will assess the political landscape, common ground and divisions on migration and mobility, and heading towards the AU-EU summit, the opportunities for collaboration and strengthening partnerships in and between the regions. Key topics of the three following roundtables in 2021 are climate change and human mobility, labour migration and skills development in the Covid-19 recovery and the role of cities in harnessing human mobility.

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Fabia Göhring
Project Manager
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