In brief

About the project

The Climate Mobility Africa Research Network (CMARN) is a multidisciplinary, bi-lingual (EN+FR) network of researchers and policy makers working on displacement and migration in the context of disasters and climate change in Africa. CMARN was established in 2021 by researchers from across Africa and beyond with the goal of supporting the advancement of evidence-based law and policy responses to climate mobility in Africa. The network promotes policy-relevant research. Moreover, it creates opportunities for collaboration and exchange between researchers and policy makers from a wide range of fields, including climate change, migration, human rights and refugee protection. CMARN works towards the development of knowledge and capacity of researchers in and from Africa on these issues, including early career researchers. To achieve the network’s goals of facilitating cooperation and exchange between researchers and policy experts, CMARN will carry out a variety of activities in the upcoming months. To foster internal exchange, there will be bi-monthly webinars and networking events for Members. The members learn more about law and policy responses to climate mobility in Africa, to connect with each other and to collaborate on future research on this issue. Besides, CMARN will organize a research-policy roundtable for researchers and policy experts to engage in dialogue and collaboration on climate mobility in Africa. Alongside these meeting formats, CMARN coordinates regular communication between Members to share research, resources and opportunities relating to the climate and migration nexus. The project is part of our work on human mobility and climate change.

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Jassin Irscheid
Project Manager
Phone+49 30 220025-471
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