High school students

Have you just earned your high school diploma and would like to start making your way into the world of work? Or would you like to do an internship with us while still in school? If you are planning to do an internship, an apprenticeship, or a degree, we have plenty of interesting opportunities and can give you insight into various exciting fields.

High School Students
Michael Fuchs


During your dual-degree program, you will continuously alternate between theoretical studies at the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State Universities (DHBW) in Stuttgart and Lörrach and practical phases at the Foundation. At the DHBW, you will gain knowledge of specialist scientific principles, application-oriented methodology, and the ability to think systematically. And you will put what you have learned into practice in the day-to-day life of the Foundation. Thanks to curriculum frameworks, the theoretical and practical phases are closely linked and build on each other.

Information for the DHBW Degrees

  • General or subject-specific Hochschulreife certificate
  • Independence and initiative as well as the ability to motivate yourself and others
  • Team spirit and a passion for research work
  • An interest in sociocultural issues as well as topics in the fields of business and technology
  • Long-term prospects in one of Germany’s largest and most prestigious foundations
  • The chance to gain extensive knowledge and practically relevant expertise
  • An interesting and secure study placement with exciting duties
  • Active involvement in a motivated and friendly team
  • Intensive help and support during your placement

Contact person

Jennifer Hartisch
Senior Manager
Phone+49 711 46084-677
e-mail to Jennifer Hartisch


Apprenticeship in Digital and Print Media Design (Chamber of Industry and Commerce)
Major: Concept Development and Visualization

Diverse and challenging with a high degree of practical relevance: during your apprenticeship at the Robert Bosch Stiftung, you will garner valuable knowledge and practical experience for your future career. Within the framework of your apprenticeship, you can choose between various majors:

  • Advisory and Planning
  • Design and Technology
  • Concept Development and Visualization

At the Robert Bosch Stiftung, we offer the major Concept Development and Visualization.

Information about the Apprenticeship

As a Digital/Print Media Designer apprentice majoring in Concept Development and Visualization, you will design both digital and print communication materials. Your role will include everything from consultancy and concept development through to production. You will focus on the design and production of print media. You will design layouts for ads, flyers, image brochures, and studies – as well as for event materials (everything from invitations to stage design). In doing so, you will develop creative image and illustration concepts – including for online applications – and put these into practice. When it comes to producing the materials, you will select the most suitable process in line with commercial and quality considerations and accompany the production process all the way to the final quality check. Despite the focus on print media, the experienced team will share with you their broad knowledge of all communication media during the internship.

Length: 3 years (can be shortened to 2–2.5 years)
Location: Practical work at the Robert Bosch Stiftung and schoolwork at the Johannes-Gutenberg-Schule in Stuttgart
Structure: 12 weeks of teaching blocks a year with approx. 31 hours of theory and practice a week

  • Religious studies
  • German
  • Social studies
  • Project/business skills
  • Professional skills


  • Allgemeine Hochschulreife leaving certificate or a good or excellent Realabschluss diploma
  • Excellent grades in German, along with creativity, team spirit, and communication skills
  • Dedication, reliability, and the ability to work independently
  • Polite demeanor and good manners
  • Experience with Microsoft Office programs is desirable
  • Long-term prospects in a varied career with a promising future
  • The chance to gain extensive knowledge and practically relevant expertise
  • An interesting and secure apprenticeship placement with exciting duties
  • Active involvement in a motivated and friendly team
  • Intensive induction phase as well as support during your apprenticeship

Your contact person

Ulrike Dolich
Phone+49 711 46084-688
e-mail to Ulrike Dolich


High school students in the state of Baden-Württemberg complete what is known as a “BOGY” week in either 10th or 11th grade. This is designed to give students careers and study guidance while still in high school. The Robert Bosch Stiftung has been offering BOGY internship opportunities since 1999. We offer two BOGY internships every six months.

Information on BOGY Internships

Generally speaking, each BOGY internship is completed in a specialist area or department. During your time with us, you will gain insights into different areas of the Foundation. You will get a chance to look over the shoulders of our humanities experts, social scientists, economists, lawyers, commercial staff, and secretaries. You will also get your first taste of working life and see for yourself what your dream job or dream degree might be like.

As a BOGY intern, you can explore the following areas:

  • Project support
  • Project management
  • Group leadership
  • Secretarial work
  • Team spirit and a passion for people
  • The desire to learn new things and expand your knowledge
  • Someone who enjoys working with computers
  • Insight into the work of the Foundation
  • Individual support during your internship
  • The chance to take on smaller tasks and work on them independently
  • An open and considerate atmosphere within the team

Contact person

Ulrike Dolich
Phone+49 711 46084-688
e-mail to Ulrike Dolich