The Diversity Strategy of the Robert Bosch Stiftung

Valuing diversity is an important priority for us. In order to evolve further as a diversity-oriented organization, our approach considers the interplay of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging. We work on four key areas:

Illustration of our four areas of diversity
Robert Bosch Stiftung

The Diversity Promise of the Robert Bosch Stiftung

People are multifaceted, differing in age, gender, sexual identity or orientation, physical and intellectual abilities, religion and worldviews, ethnic and social backgrounds, and individual circumstances.

We at the Robert Bosch Stiftung believe this diversity is an enrichment. And we are convinced that embracing diversity, creating equal opportunities, enabling participation and fostering a sense of belonging are the prerequisites for strong communities where everyone can develop their full potential. We follow the legacy of our founder Robert Bosch: Be human and respect human dignity!

That is why we promote a diverse workforce that increasingly reflects the diversity of our society, contemplates its own behavior and acts in a manner that is sensitive to diversity. We embrace an organizational culture in which we not only proclaim the value of diversity, but also take ourselves to task and actively stand up against any form of discrimination and disadvantage. We fulfill our foundation's mission according to today’s needs, by aligning our support, our communication and our cooperation with partners with the values of diversity. We create and maintain the internal structures needed to meet this requirement and to pursue it sustainably.

We embrace these principles based on the DEIB strategy we have created for ourselves – not as an end in itself, but out of conviction: We will become a more attractive employer where high motivation, a sense of belonging and the consideration of different perspectives lead to better work results. It will give us credibility and make us more approachable so we can better reach diverse target groups. And we will contribute as a role model to positive change in German and international philanthropy.



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