Initiative #IchStehAuf

Schools set an example for democracy and diversity

The Robert Bosch Stiftung is calling on all schools to take part in a day of action for democracy and diversity on June 6, 2024. More than 1,600 schools with over 300,000 students have registered so far. The patron is Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

Robert Bosch Stiftung
April 16, 2024

Many people are currently concerned about our democracy. In this year, in which the constitution celebrates its 75th anniversary and European, local and state elections are due, a democratic awareness among voters is more important than ever. Schools play a crucial role in teaching children and young people democratic values. In doing so, they deserve the support of the whole of society. With the initiative "#IchStehAuf – Schulen für Demokratie und Vielfalt" (I stand up – schools for democracy and diversity), the Robert Bosch Stiftung and the Heidehof Stiftung, in cooperation with ARD and the ZEIT publishing group, want to make a contribution to this. With hands-on activities, celebrity guests and practical offers for teachers on the German school portal, the initiative wants to support schools in strengthening the democratic awareness of children and young people.


"Students also want to live in a democracy and stand up for their interests and opinions. But many children and young people are also unsettled by hate, disinformation and exclusion. Together with schools and teachers, we want to counteract this."

Quote fromDr. Bernhard Straub, CEO, Robert Bosch Stiftung

The day of action: standing up for democracy and diversity

The initiative culminates in a nationwide day of action: on June 6, 2024 at 9:30 a.m., all schools across Germany are called upon to stand up for democracy and diversity - in the classroom, in the gym, in the schoolyard or on the marketplace. The simple photo campaign under the motto #IchStehAuf (I Stand Up) is based on two iconic motifs that stand for democratic engagement in an open society: Speaker's Corner in London and the legendary scene from the movie "Dead Poets Society". In both situations, people stand up for their opinions, their freedom, and their way of life. The visible act of standing up becomes a symbol of democratic engagement and lived diversity. It can easily be adopted by schools as part of a lesson or a larger event involving the whole school community. Pictures of the schools' activities will be shared on social media to make the democratic commitment of all participants visible.

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Join in!

To sign up

For more information about the campaign day and how schools can register, please visit the initiative's website (in German).

To sign up

Schools can still sign in for the day of action at They will then receive ideas, tools and tips for their own #IStandUp campaign website. So far, more than 1,600 schools from all over Germany with over 300,000 students are taking part.

#IchStehAuf - At the German School Award Winners' Conference (in German)

Practice-based offers for teachers

The initiative is intended to help schools to address the issue of democracy education in a sustainable manner. The German School Portal offers free training and information for teachers and school administrators throughout the year. This can include practicing constructive conflict resolution, learning to tolerate ambiguity and pluralism of opinion, or dealing with democratic values and principles. 

The initiative was launched by the network of schools that have won the German School Award, which includes over a hundred schools from all over Germany. The patron of the initiative is Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier. Numerous organizations, such as the Federal Agency for Civic Education and the German Commission for UNESCO, as well as ministries of education and cultural affairs, support the initiative. You can find a complete list of supporters on the website (in German). 


More Offers

German School Portal

To the website

The German School Portal offers teachers a wealth of information and training opportunities on the subject of democratic competence. You can also read an interview with Andrea Preußker, Program Director Education, and Antje Scheidler, Program Director Democracy, about the background to the initiative.

To the website
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