The fight against the consequences of climate change

Restoring Africa's land

The effects of climate change and non-sustainable agriculture lead to land degradation – a global challenge that can only be solved locally together with those affected. In this dossier you can read about the initiatives and projects we are supporting in Africa, and what has to change at a political level so eco-systems can recover, soil become fertile again, and people’s livelihoods safeguarded.

Trockene Landschaft in Afrika
Ali Tondi Moctar (Afroto)
Video report from Niger

“People take responsibility for their country themselves”

What needs to change at the international level
International climate politics

“Our Earth has high fever”

How can civil society and international climate diplomacy work together? A conversation with María Espinosa, the former President of the UN General Assembly.
Together against land degradation

Gaining ground

Land degradation continues to advance. These charts show what international initiatives and African countries want to do about it.
Every year, Niger loses land. Regional NGOs support the farmers in making the land usable again.

With their own hands

Ali Tondo Moctar (Afroto)
How activists and NGOs in Africa fight against land degradation
Desertification in Niger

With their own hands

Every year, Niger loses 100,000 hectares of fertile soil. The Robert Bosch Stiftung supports NGOs in the region that empower farmers to restore the land.
April 29, 2022
Africa-wide engagement

For a greener future

The Global Landscapes Forum builds local initiatives that restore degraded landscapes. African activists tell us what drives them.
April 29, 2022
Fellowship for African journalists

Storytelling against desertification

On the occasion of the UN conference UNCCD COP 15 in Abidjan, African journalists report on the fight against land degradation – supported by the Robert Bosch Stiftung.
June 20, 2022