Center for Global Development
Sam Huckstep, Helen Dempster

Meeting Skill Needs for the Global Green Transition

A Role for Labour Migration

The green transition is not just about expanding sustainability, it also creates an enormous demand for skilled workers. In this policy paper, Sam Huckstep and Helen Dempster examine the demand and supply dynamics of skills crucial to the green transition in both the Global South and North. Focusing on the installation and maintenance workforce in solar photovoltaic panels and heat pumps, their findings reveal a critical shortage of skilled workers in almost all ten countries studied. Particularly challenging is the scenario in the Global North, compelled to accelerate emission cuts amidst aging populations. To meet green transition targets, migration emerges as a vital complement to local training and reskilling efforts. While the global shortage of green-skilled workers must be recognized, the authors emphasize that such a skills-based migration strategy must be coupled with robust support for training and retaining talents locally. 

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