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Robert Bosch Stiftung (Ed.)

The Magazine "Dignity" (01/2019)

People have dignity. Always. Without precondition. For the last 70 years, Article 1 of the German constitution, the Basic Law, has guaranteed this inviolable right to human dignity to everyone. For our founder, Robert Bosch, dignity was also an important term. “Be human and respect human dignity” is one of his most famous quotes.

Nearly all of our projects are focused on creating or improving conditions that allow people to live dignified lives. How? That is often a difficult question – and the people in this issue of the magazine all have very different answers:

  • Oasis of calm: How a hospital is adapting to help patients with dementia
  • The Influencers: How young Muslim women are fighting against stereotypes
  • Beyond the Dictatorship: Nobel laureate in Literature Herta Müller on the essence of freedom

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