Policymaking in the 21st Century – for political decision-makers, this means engaging with complex issues in a globalized world, and developing solutions that interconnect at both national and international levels. 

The political decision-making process is shaped by global challenges, a multi-layered international landscape of governmental and non-governmental stakeholders, and a volatile environment. 

Members of the German Bundestag must also face this complexity. They will be expected to take responsibility in solving European and global challenges that affect all aspects of social coexistence. Climate change, migration, the digital transformation, as well as inequality issues are all interconnected: their solutions must therefore also be comprehensive in approach. A changing international order and crisis of western democracies further influence the decision-making process.

The program at a glance

“Policymaking in the 21st Century” was first launched in 2016. Since then, 50 members of the Bundestag have participated in this cross-party program. 

Up to 35 Bundestag members take part in each program cycle. Participation is by invitation only. The program takes place in German and English. 

The program opens up new perspectives on urgent political issues and enables participants to communicate these convincingly in local, national, and international contexts. Participants address these urgent issues in a cross-party and trust-based exchange, reflect on their role as elected representatives, and develop innovative and sustainable approaches in dialogue with experts. One program cycle lasts over one legislative period and consists of the following components:

  • Program start in Berlin
  • Kick off: The role of parliamentarians in the 21st century
  • Europe Workshop on “Policy-Making in Europe” – dialog with experts and decision-makers from other European countries
  • Senior Executive Seminar at a public policy school in the U.S. on “Policymaking in the 21st Century”
  • Asian study trip on “The Global Policy Agenda from an Asian Perspective”
  • Closing: The role of parliamentarians in the 21st century
  • Online modules on practical skills for elected officials