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Global Dialogue

The foundation’s multilateral Global Dialogue deepens the expertise of German parliamentarians in foreign and security policy with a focus on current global challenges.

International policy challenges are increasingly complex and urgent. In addition to classic security and foreign policy issues, new questions confront us, for example, on climate change and technology, as well as crises in democracies, the liberal order, and international organizations. Simultaneously, our long-standing alliances have been called into question in recent years. Germany and Europe need new forms of cooperation to position themselves strategically to act on global challenges. German foreign policy confronts a multitude of new demands and expectations, while international partners and stakeholders still perceive Germany's engagement as insufficient.

In this context, the Robert Bosch Stiftung offers a new multilateral format as part of its program work for political decision-makers to strengthen and promote the expertise of German parliamentarians with international experience.

In bi- and trilateral formats, Global Dialogue brings together a small, select group of German participants with policymakers from other countries in order to broaden their perspective on relevant issues and potential partner countries. The aim is to provide new impetus to German foreign policy. In addition, the cross-party exchange between the German participants builds trust between them. Our focus is the Indo-Pacific region, which we consider a key region for the 21st century.

We offer the program Global Dialogue together with the think tank Global Public Policy Institute (GPPi). It takes place in German and English, and in compliance with the Chatham House Rule. Participation is by invitation.

Objectives of the program:

  • to strengthen a broader, contemporary understanding of foreign policy
  • to discuss international issues and common challenges with parliamentarians from other nations
  • to learn to better assess the expectations of third parties toward Germany and integrate these views into Germany’s decision-making processes
  • to strengthen international networks of foreign and security policy experts, opinion leaders, and decision makers

The program unfolds during the 20th legislative term in Germany (2021-2025) and includes:

  • program kickoff with opportunity for active program design by participants
  • study tour 2023 to Australia and networking with Australian parliamentarians
  • joint study tour 2024 with Australian partners to India for networking with Indian parliamentarians
  • final forum in Germany