Forging New Paths for Peace and Hope

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New Paths to Sustainable Peace

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The Path to Lasting Peace

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In Brief

About the initiative

Our world is facing greater conflict than ever before. Yet we continue to apply the same solutions, but expect different results. As we face an era of alarming conflict, existing peace processes fail to be effective when they are needed most. The ineffectiveness of an international community's approach in addressing contemporary peace and conflict challenges has long been known to practitioners, researchers and policymakers, yet current approaches to peace remain outdated and ineffective.
The opportunity and momentum to reframe the current approach to peace processes is growing in light of the current political will reflected in policy frameworks such as the Sustaining Peace Agenda, the Women, Peace and Security Agenda and the Youth, Peace and Security Agenda. There is a need for a collective effort to establish principles for peace to serve as a new frame of reference, a moral and ethical basis for peace processes, and as a set of standards that guide their implementation.

Contact persons

Anja Linnéa Tresse
Principles for Peace
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Hiba Qasas
Principles for Peace
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