Muslim Academy Heidelberg

Among Muslims, whether or not they are members of a congregation, there is a strong need to grapple with questions connected to the interaction between theology, tradition, culture, and society, even outside of a university setting. Simultaneously, the general public asks Muslims to comment on these topics. In response to this challenge, the Academy offers assistance in the development of positions and discourse. Supported in this way, Muslims can fulfill their responsibilities as a publicly recognized part of civil society. 

The Muslim Academy Heidelberg addresses these topics and develops knowledgeable and differentiated contributions to the discourse. As in the case of Christian academies, it serves as an interface between Muslim communities and society. As a platform for a wide variety of Muslim and non-Muslim voices, the Academy is the source of important impulses for relevant questions about coexistence in our society. The Muslim Academy Heidelberg hosts various events such as conferences, podium discussions, training/continuing education seminars, and also networking meetings in cooperation with other academy initiatives. Muslim community events are also part of the program.