Muslim Academy Erlangen

Muslims have become a permanent part of German society, taking part in societal and political issues. The Muslim Academy Erlangen offers numerous formats for connecting with the city community and promoting discussion. Following the example of Christian academies, it addresses theological and societal topics in order, first of all, to involve Muslim communities more actively in societal debates, and second, to deepen academic exchanges with the city society. 

The Academy is intended to provide Muslims with a space for educational opportunities that address the religious and cultural diversity of Muslims in Germany. It bridges the gap between community work and science-based content work. In the communities and in the city society, the project will provide a platform for examining important issues related to Islam and Muslims. This particularly concerns everyday issues that are relevant to daily life – for example, the family, traditional and modern gender roles, raising children, handling puberty, dealing with discrimination, caregiving, the education system, volunteer opportunities, and environmentally-conscious behavior. 

Through their support, the city of Erlangen, Christian educational institutions, the university, and Muslim communities are helping to ensure that these educational opportunities are well-received within society. The Academy has planned a variety of programming aimed at every interest and age group: educational seminars, study days, expert symposia, discussion groups, and evening get-togethers.