Why are we running this project?

The Robert Bosch Stiftung supports work in the topic area of immigration society with the aim of promoting successful coexistence among people of all backgrounds, religions, and cultures. Knowledge, namely knowledge creation and transfer, has a key role to play in this, which is why the Robert Bosch Stiftung supports Mediendienst Integration, one of the field’s star players in providing reliable information grounded in fact.

What are our goals?

Media, political, and social debates on migration are playing out against the backdrop of a polarized society. For the media and other stakeholders alike, it is increasingly important to be able to classify information and clarify context, and there is an urgent need for information that is both factually correct and at the same time compact. 

Major knowledge gaps persist across the topic areas. The project aims to broaden the existing knowledge base by means of impact-focused research and insights into current debates. 

In addition, any results and analyses should be shared with society as widely as possible. The Robert Bosch Stiftung aims to support Mediendienst Integration in significantly expanding its user base beyond an academic and journalistic audience, as well as in engaging as broad a public as possible in topics that are relevant to society as a whole.

How does the project work?

Within the project, Mediendienst Integration hopes to launch impact-focused research with a high degree of relevance for society as well as to communicate research findings in a way that results in real change for the public. Expert reports and fact sheets will facilitate knowledge transfer, while any results will be shared via a range of channels across politics and administration, civil society, research, and the media. A podcast, an innovative new format, will be developed to further improve impact, and immigration society stakeholders will be able to swap ideas at events.