Why are we running this project?

Migration is a significant factor in shaping European societies and policies. As a collaborative fund, we link the resources and expertise of foundations to strengthen the role of civil society in building inclusive communities and in developing humane and sustainable responses to migration, based on Europe’s commitment to universal human rights and social justice.

What are our goals?

Our goal is to strengthen civil society by offering targeted, outcome-driven support  through collective philanthropic action.

How does the project work?

EPIM and its supporting foundations believe that a constructive dialogue between civil society and policymakers is vital to ensure that decision-making capitalizes on the insights and experiences of migrants and the communities they live in. Therefore, EPIM empowers civil society to be recognized as key actors in the design, implementation and evaluation of migration and integration policies and practices at the local, national and European level.
Through grant-making, capacity building and knowledge development, EPIM enables civil society organizations to be more sustainable and impactful. EPIM supports them in building effective pan-European coalitions and in shaping pan-European solutions by promoting a constructive interplay between policies and practices at all levels.
EPIM initiates timely responses to opportunities and challenges in distinct, yet often interconnected areas of importance. This approach enables EPIM to provide targeted and outcome-driven support  in areas such as enhancing the protection and empowerment of children and youth on the move, promoting alternatives to immigration detention, contributing to the development of humane and effective asylum systems, strengthening social cohesion, enabling mobile EU citizens  to exercise their rights to freedom of movement, and contributing to a more balanced discourse on migration.
EPIM works with international funders to leverage resources on migration-related work based on opportunities, needs and potential for impact.

Who organizes and supports the project?

The European Programme for Integration and Migration (EPIM) is a collaborative funding initiative currently supported by twenty-five grant-making foundations and hosted by the Network of European Foundations (NEF).