“It’s the diversity, stupid! A sustainable future requires all of its best research talents”

2020 showed the world the incredible power of science in tackling humanity’s greatest challenges. Yet the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and an international reckoning with racism have also thrust a hard truth into the spotlight. Too often, the global research system tends to remain a Western-centric, homogeneous, elitist space that excludes women, minorities, and entire regions of the world. Both as participants and leaders, and as beneficiaries of the innovations that the system seeks to produce. Despite decades of targeted programs, especially for women and ethnic minorities, progress toward more diversity has been painstakingly slow on most fronts.

The case for real change towards an inclusive global research system is clearer than ever. More and more institutions are committing themselves to renewing their efforts, with fresh resolve and, hopefully, improved tools. The 16th Berlin Debate sought to build on this momentum and put the vision of an inclusive research system at its core.

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