Our Strategy for the Topic "Migration and Society"

We focus on strengthening civil society and actors on a local level in order to enable inclusion and encounters on an equal footing. We support people and organizations that engage in a constructive civil and political discussion about the topics migration and refugees. We also commission studies and bring experts together.

Our practical support in the areas of migration and society focuses on

  • Strengthening volunteer commitment of, for and with refugees in qualification, exchange and networking projects;
  • Strengthening the viewpoint and engagement of migrants and refugees for the benefit of society as a whole;
  • Creating opportunities for encounters and collaborations between refugees and the German population;
  • Supporting a broad range of actors on a local level when it comes to the integration and participation of newly arrived migrants, especially in rural communities.

Furthermore, we create independent platforms to encourage an open and fact-based debate among experts and decision-makers across sectors and disciplines. We conduct practically relevant and fundamental research projects and studies so as to expand the general knowledge base and contribute to greater differentiation in the debate on migration, especially on refugees, and the development of possible courses of action for decision-makers dealing with integration issues. In doing so, we also strengthen civil society, encouraging constructive and proficient involvement in the discourse.