Our Mission Statement

Illustration of our mssion and vision
Robert Bosch Stiftung

“Be human and respect human dignity.”
Our work is based on the vision of humanity and the legacy of our founder Robert Bosch. The Robert Bosch Stiftung advances this legacy by tackling the pressing social challenges of today. In doing so, it considers how these challenges intersect and strives to overcome silo thinking.

Effective – Cooperative – Responsible
The Foundation aims to achieve sustainable systemic change. This requires courage, determination and a desire to learn. The Foundation acts as an enabler, thought leader and do-er/implementer. It relies on people and their ideas to change structures and systems. The Foundation cooperates with a wide range of partners and supports them based on trust and solidarity according to their specific needs. It promotes networks and forges alliances with others to achieve more together.

We employees of the Foundation work together and care for each other. We treat each other with honesty and trust, and we value the competencies and strengths of all our colleagues. We take responsibility for our actions and our resources.

Our mission statement, developed by the employees of the Foundation, February 2023.