Our Guiding Principles

photographer: Michael Fuchs
Source: Robert Bosch Stiftung

The Robert Bosch Stiftung...

  • Executes its founder's will in a contemporary form
  • Promotes public welfare and the development of civil society
  • Is politically and denominationally independent and dedicated to the democratic community
  • Tackles social challenges
  • Makes forward-looking suggestions and puts them into practice in an exemplary manner
  • Is open to change, works flexibly, and acts in a practice-oriented manner
  • Encourages people to take responsibility and assists them in doing so
  • helps people help themselves
  • Supports people with its own programs and bodies, and funds model projects run by other organizations
  • Fosters understanding between different nations and cultures through exchanges and cooperation
  • Informs the public about its objectives, its instruments of promotion, and the use of its assets
  • Collaborates and maintains contact with partners to fulfill shared goals
  • Uses its assets responsibly and efficiently and expects its partners to do likewise
  • Develops quality standards and aligns its actions with these standards.