Robert Bosch

Tradition Meets Innovation

A willingness to innovate was part of Robert Bosch, his work and his tradition. A world that is changing all the time needs a constant stream of new solutions and methods to meet this change. We face this complex challenge in our program and project work – and show precisely the same willingness to innovate. An open mind, coupled with a passion for people and their ever-changing needs, is what drives us.

With this ethos, we look to the future with confidence while preserving the legacy of our founder. Find out more about Robert Bosch as an employer and which of his beliefs still reflect parts of our values and culture.

Robert Bosch – the Father

Whether in terms of personal contact with his staff, secure financial remuneration, or the extensive range of social benefits within the company, Robert Bosch took his duty of care toward his employees extremely seriously at all times. He was thus fully committed to improving the working and living conditions of his staff, so it was no wonder that the workforce saw him as a father figure.

Robert Bosch – the Motivator

Motivation and identification, a positive atmosphere, and optimal working conditions – Robert Bosch knew the wants, needs, and interests of his workforce and campaigned on their behalf. He did so out of a duty of care on the one hand and, on the other, because he knew that there is a strong correlation between employee satisfaction and a company’s profitability.

Robert Bosch - the Nurturer

Individual professional support and development for his employees was of central importance to Robert Bosch, a socially minded entrepreneur. His employees were not merely wage earners, but contributors and part of the whole. They had a say in how the company was run and were able to take on responsibility. As a result, Robert Bosch paved the way for many of them to pursue unique careers.