How we work with our project partners

We pursue very high standards in our work and prioritize the effectiveness and sustainability of our projects. The same applies to our cooperation with project partners, which is characterized by a high level of trust and responsibility. This said, we aim to support you in all phases of your project, depending on feasibility and need.

From idea to joint project

Each project starts with a great idea and a clear understanding of the social challenge it aims to address. Our first task is to evaluate whether an idea is consistent with our substantive funding goals and our strategy, and whether it meets the legal requirements, for instance as regards the public benefit of the scheme. If we decide to pursue your idea further, you will be asked to provide more information about the project in a funding request, such as the objectives, target groups, and anticipated effect of your project. If needed, we will be happy to assist you in detailing your idea and transferring it into a project funding request.

Based on your application, we will prepare the files to be submitted to the responsible decision-making body. If your project is approved, we will draw up a funding contract that regulates our cooperation and includes the amount of funding and support as well as the exact duration of your project. Furthermore, we will agree on a payment schedule for the funding you will receive.

From beginning to end of the project

You will also be assigned a personal contact within our organization by the time you receive the funding contract at the latest. This person will be your cooperation partner and responsible project manager for the entire project period. Depending on the specific project and its duration, you will regularly discuss your progress, current developments, and challenges to be mastered. Fundamental changes to the project must also be discussed with and approved by the project manager, for instance additional costs that might arise, an intended change in the way funds are used, or a potential extension of the project term.

Once the project is completed, we will review it together, considering the following aspects: Have the anticipated project targets been reached? What change has the project achieved? What worked well, and where is there further room for improvement? This project closure provides an opportunity for you to reflect upon and record your experiences and learnings. We also use your feedback to continuously improve our own work.