How we support Ukraine

The Russian war of aggression has been raging in Ukraine for a year. You can find out here about the projects we sponsor and what we are doing to help people in Ukraine.

Peace-Zeichen in Ukraine Farben
Imago/Aleksander Kalka

Shortly after the Russian war of aggression began, the Robert Bosch Stiftung set up an emergency aid program for Ukraine. Now, we are continuing our support, focusing on the sustainable impact of the projects we fund. For example, we are looking at ways to ensure the lasting integration of refugees in Germany. We are also working with mediation organizations on how to rebuild civil society and foster social cohesion in Ukraine after the war. Through a new archive, we are also promoting documentation of the war by Ukrainian scientists, journalists, artists and many others. 

The following articles offer an overview of ongoing projects in Ukraine and neighboring European countries in which the Robert Bosch Stiftung supports Ukraine.

Interview with RBA Fellow Pierre Hazan

“The question of wartime collaboration is extremely sensitive”

Here, the Robert Bosch Academy Fellow discusses the sensitive topic of wartime collaboration between Ukrainians and Russians, the grain...
April 26, 2023
Supporting Ukraine

Ukraine refugees - engaged in exile

More than 8 million people have had to flee Ukraine since the Russian attack. Vidnova, a fellowship program, supports Ukrainians refugees so they can help the people in...
April 04, 2023
Support of the Robert Bosch Stiftung


IMAGO/Daniel Kubirski

“We will always support Ukrainian refugees the best we can!”

We spoke to policymakers from Estonia and the Czech Republic about challenges, achievements, and the current situation.
On the anniversary of the Russian invasion in Ukraine

Why the West is key to how this war will end

Our fellow Orysia Lutsevych, Chatham House, explains why Western unity is so important for peace and how the war is changing Russia's position in the world.
Help for Ukrainians

Giving children a time-out from the war

Interview with Benjamin Abtan, co-founder of the award-winning initiative "Europe Prykhystok", on how to actively support children suffering from the war in Ukraine. 
German School Barometer Special

Every Second Teacher has Refugee Children from Ukraine in School

A survey of teaching staff at German schools sheds light on the arrival of Ukrainian pupils.
Remembering the annual of Russian attacks on Ukraine

Together with our partners at Café Kyiv

"Café Kyiv - We Choose Freedom“ became temporarily the name of Café Moskau in Berlin due to the annual of Russian attacks on Ukraine
February 28, 2023
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