In an increasingly interconnected and complex world, political decisions and societal debates will have to include global perspectives and best practices. Knowledge of innovative solutions to societal challenges will prove essential in this process. The Foundation therefore supports the development of evidence-based policy recommendations and solutions. To that end, the Foundation facilitates open dialogue involving decision-makers, opinion leaders, and international experts from different fields. 

What we do


Cooperation with Political Decision-Makers

The Foundation offers international programs with political decision-makers that address important issues and challenges of our time. Furthermore, we develop and maintain networks of societal actors across the Foundation’s topics and communicate relevant lessons learned from our work to decision-makers. 

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Policymaking in the 21st Century

David Ausserhofer

Robert Bosch Academy - Think.Debate.Inspire.

The Robert Bosch Academy provides space for multilateral exchange in order to find solutions to the issues of our time. Through its fellowships, the Academy offers distinguished individuals working residences in Berlin. In addition, the Academy organizes an extensive range of events and builds an international network of decision-makers, experts, and opinion leaders. 

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Robert Bosch Academy

Anita Back

Strategic Partnerships with Think Tanks

The Foundation helps generate knowledge and foster evidence based political decision-making through its partnerships with think tanks. Moreover, the Foundation supports think tanks present in those regions and which address those issues that overlap with the Foundation’s profile. 

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Brookings - Robert Bosch Foundation Transatlantic Initiative (BBTI)