Insights into YUMA - Young, Muslim, Active

In brief

About the project

Young Muslims are frequently the focus of debates surrounding integration, with negative headlines generally dominating the discourse. Young Muslims are stereotyped as coming from deprived social groups, having low levels of educational achievement, and being at risk for indoctrination with respect to radical religious views. In contrast to this image, there are many extremely dedicated young Muslims who are well integrated in both school life and society.

The aim of the YUMA project is to strengthen the commitment of young Muslims and to improve the way they are perceived by the German public. Working closely with mosques and Islamic organizations, some 100 young people will be trained as multipliers and "bridge builders" within their communities between April 2014 and April 2016.

The project will strengthen both young Muslims and partnerships with Mosque congregations and help bring about a more nuanced picture of Islam. Alongside the content and methods imparted to the trainees in seminars, workshops, and larger-scale conferences, the transfer of the YUMA concept to other German states is a key component of the project, which is why new participants will be recruited and trained in other states. The plan is to transfer YUMA to North Rhine-Westphalia, Hamburg, and Baden-Württemberg.

Contact person

Kofi Ohene-Dokyi
Regionale Arbeitsstellen für Bildung, Integration und Demokratie (RAA) e. V.
Chausseestraße 29
10115 Berlin
Phone+49 30 24045-554
e-mail to Kofi Ohene-Dokyi

Contact at the Foundation

Volker Nüske
Senior Project Manager
Phone+49 711 46084-673
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