Why are we running this project?

Muslim women are active in clubs, communities and families, making them important players in civil society. The effects of their valued contributions go far beyond their own communities and address socially relevant topics. They are involved in a variety of activities, ranging from participating in debates about equality and feminism to supporting refugee causes. This makes these women role models and influencers within and beyond their Muslim communities.

What are our goals?

Our support efforts aim to further increase Muslim women’s participation. To this end, we support

  • the strengthening and professionalization of Muslim women’s civic commitment;
  • demand-based offerings which allow them to experience self-efficacy and build new skill sets;
  • Muslim women in shaping their own public image, contributing to a more differentiated public perception.

How does the project work?

The Robert Bosch Stiftung supports select projects with funding amounts ranging from €5,000 to a maximum of €30,000. In addition to financial support, the Robert Bosch Stiftung offers project owners networking formats that foster an exchange of views as well as qualification workshops on a variety of topics. In this way, the Robert Bosch Stiftung contributes to the development of comprehensive social engagement.

Who are the target groups?

The partners we choose for support and funding run projects that strengthen social cohesion and contribute to establishing a shared set of values. We primarily support

  • non-profit organizations of Muslim women in their religious diversity. Membership in specific communities or adherence to specific religious practices on the part of organizations or their members are not decisive factors;
  • non-Muslim organizations whose projects contribute to the social participation of Muslim women in Germany in line with the objectives stated above. The significant involvement of Muslim women in the design and implementation of the respective project is a mandatory requirement;
  • initiatives and networks without non-profit status, which are supported by charitable organizations.