Why are we running this project?

EU migration policy has been in crisis for years: Serious humanitarian emergencies have occurred, and continue to occur, both at the EU’s external borders and within the EU itself. This makes finding new, long-term solutions to migration, participation, and inclusion all the more urgent. Many European municipalities have already developed such solutions and built up extensive resources and structures. However, the fundamental problem lies in the fact that individual countries and the EU fail to sufficiently involve municipalities in creating migration policy solutions.

What are our goals?

“Moving Cities” aims to advance the political role and scope for action of municipalities which are actively committed to a solidarity-based migration policy and to involving refugees, immigrants, or descendants of immigrants. The online platform showcases these active municipalities to create a basis for developing shared inter-local advocacy strategies. It also presents innovative local approaches to inclusion and societal participation in order to support other communities to take action. The long-term goal is to ensure that such innovative and progressive approaches at local level are incorporated into political action at national and EU levels.

How does the project work?

In partnership with various scientists, journalists, and experts, the online platform collects and showcases data on active communities, as well as on their innovative approaches to solidarity-based migration policy in individual European countries.

Who are the target groups?

The project targets mayors and administrative staff of European towns and cities, members of the EU Parliament, members of the German Bundestag, civil society initiatives, journalists, and scientists. These target groups can use the online platform to connect, obtain information for public relations and advocacy work, and gain knowledge about local solutions.

Where is the project run?

“Moving Cities” platform is a European project that aims to reach the aforementioned target groups in as many European countries as possible.

Who organizes and supports the project? 

Initiated by the Seebrücke civil society alliance and tesserae, the project is supported by Robert Bosch Foundation, the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, Heinrich Böll Foundation and Stiftungsfonds Zivile Seenotrettung (Search and Rescue Foundation).