Why are we running this project?

In order to build resilient democracies, it is important to work toward transparent modes of governance in which citizens are actively involved. The Consul project answers this challenge by supporting governments to collaboratively advance reliable tools for citizen participation. 

What are our goals?

The Consul project aims to introduce governments at the national and local level to the use of accountable and trustworthy tools of participation. Due to the digital approach, a high reach is ensured and less accessible target groups can easily be addressed. The project is thereby contributing to more open, transparent, and accountable governance, and higher levels of trust in democratic processes. 

How does the project work?

Consul ensures democratic and transparent citizen participation processes and is used worldwide by governments on a local and national level and by civil society actors. The Consul project provides them with in-depth, hands-on support, including technical support and training for public officials, as well as help working with citizens to promote the tool and ensure good levels of participation. The project consists of an international and a German chapter. The Consul Democracy Foundation fosters international networks and learning processes, acquires new cities worldwide, and ensures the development and maintenance of the open-source technology. Mehr Demokratie e.V. serves as the German counterpart and is responsible for the acquisition of up to 50 cities in Germany using Consul.