Why are we running this project?

There is great potential in identifying struggling schools at an early stage and providing them with appropriate support. However, relevant knowledge and effective measures are still lacking. School administrators and school superintendents are confronted with the complex challenge of meeting the particular needs of these schools and thereby making a considerable contribution to the quality of the education provided.

What are our goals?

Knowing What Works and How It Can Be Widely Implemented

With this community of practice the Robert Bosch Stiftung is helping to expand practice-oriented knowledge and skills to better identify and support low-performing schools in high-need areas. In this regard, the foundation is able to build on its own practical experience from the pilot project "School Turnaround" and can individually support interventions developed by the community of practice.

How does the project work?

Learning from Each Other and Effecting Change Together

Within the community of practice, participants gain insights into the approaches of other states and are able to learn from each other. However, the community of practice encompasses much more than just exchanging good practice. With their high level of commitment, participants from the state support systems develop and enhance new interventions together.

Who are the target groups?

Representatives from school administrations, school supervisory bodies, state institutions, and pilot projects are actively participating in the community of practice. Currently, seven German federal states are part of the community of practice.