Robert Bosch Senior Fellows

With the "Brookings - Robert Bosch Foundation Transatlantic Initiative," the Robert Bosch Stiftung has expanded its existing cooperation with Brookings, which began in 2013 with the establishment of the Robert Bosch Senior Fellowship at Brookings, held by Dr. Constanze Stelzenmüller from 2014 to 2019. In October 2017, Dr. Amanda Sloat has started her work as the second Robert Bosch Senior Fellow at Brookings. In September 2019, Dr. James Goldgeier joined Brookings as Robert Bosch Senior Visiting Fellow. The Robert Bosch Senior Fellows produce rigorous and independent research and commentary for policymakers and the public on transatlantic issues.

Who are the Robert Bosch Senior Fellows at the Brookings Institution?

Dr. Amanda Sloat
In October 2017, Dr. Amanda Sloat became the second Robert Bosch Senior Fellow. Her areas of expertise include transatlantic relations, Turkey and Southern Europe, and the EU’s foreign policy. Dr. Sloat previously spent ten years in the US government. She was Deputy Assistant Secretary for Southern Europe and Eastern Mediterranean Affairs at the State Department, and served as Senior Advisor to the White House and Coordinator for the Middle East, North Africa and Gulf Region. She was also senior professional staff on the U.S. House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee, with responsibility for European policy.

Dr. James Goldgeier
Dr. James Goldgeier joined Brookings as Robert Bosch Senior Visiting Fellow in September 2019. In this role, Dr. Goldgeier is conducting research on a range of foreign policy topics, including European foreign and security policy, U.S. relations with Russia, trans-Atlantic relations, U.S. international alliances, and the rules-based international order. He plans to engage in in-depth assessments of NATO enlargement and the future of trans-Atlantic cooperation. Before his appointment, Dr. Goldgeier held the Library of Congress chair in U.S.-Russia relations at the John W. Kluge Center. He also was a Visiting Senior Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations and is a professor at the School of International Service at American University, where he served as Dean from 2011-2017. In addition, he has held a number of public policy appointments, including director for Russian, Ukrainian and Eurasian Affairs on the National Security Council staff.

Dr. James Goldgeier
Robert Bosch Senior Visiting Fellow
The Brookings Institution
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