Why are we running this project?

Numerous young people in Turkey are involved in civil society, but not many of their ideas get professionally implemented and disseminated. One reason for that is the lack of opportunity with regard to qualifications: current courses, scholarships, and educational opportunities for young people in Turkey are generally concentrated in the large urban centers. Small initiatives outside of large cities do not have the necessary access to these opportunities, and, at the same time, there is a lack of networking between the young people and established organizations.


What are our goals?

The objective of the Tools for Citizens program is to close these gaps - to reinforce the work of young people involved in civil society outside of the Turkish metropolises through qualification and networking.


How does the project work?

As part of a multilevel process, young people collaborate to develop a so-called toolbox which will contain methods and tools to support young people who are new to the game to professionalize their civic involvement.
The first prototype is currently being created and put to the test by 20 grassroots organizations. Following the test phase, the contents of the toolbox will then be adapted based on testing results. Beginning in 2018, the final toolbox will be available for all interested parties free of charge.
The entire process - from development and application to dissemination of the toolbox - is continuously evaluated.