Why are we running this project?

Peace negotiations often fail due to an increasing canon of international law hindering extensive amnesty for conflict parties. As conflict parties have to expect criminal prosecution following successful peace negotiations, they tend to be less willing to agree to compromises and stop violent confrontations.

What are our goals?

The Law and Peace Practice Group is the first international network dealing with the gap between reaching a peace agreement that ends violence and a just treatment of conflict parties after negotiations. Context-specific, short-term and creative solutions shall reveal entry points for finding mutually acceptable solutions to end conflict. In addition to designing mediation processes and consulting in and after peace negotiations, the Law Peace Practice Group conducts practice-oriented research and publishes policy briefs.

How does the project work?

Since 2015, the Robert Bosch Stiftung supports the Law and Peace Practice Group. Experienced mediators and experts on transitional justice share lessons learned, use their networks and offer institutional support to conflict parties and mediators in diverse contexts.