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Urban development requires interdisciplinary, implementation-oriented research. A reciprocal exchange of knowledge is essential for both researchers at colleges and universities and practitioners in municipal administrations and the general citizenry. While larger, more affluent cities may draw on academic advice, smaller mid-sized towns rarely work with researchers. With “Fokus Mittelstadt”, we are supporting a new interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research college that involves practical experience and prioritizes questions relevant to the future of smaller mid-sized towns in rural areas. Thanks to the innovative, structured approach to training academic talent, the research college will benefit the science system. It also aims to highlight the great potential of interdisciplinary, implementation-oriented urban research. PhD candidates will receive four-year grants and an opportunity to combine research and responsible project work in local administrations. In turn, municipal authorities and citizens of smaller mid-sized towns will be enabled to shape demographic and economic changes in a way that benefits their area’s future development.

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Dr. Anna Kirstgen
Senior Project Manager
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Kristina Maurer
Project Manager
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