Internal kick-off workshop “Common Ground”

To launch the Common Ground program, a two-day internal workshop for representatives of the selected Common Ground regions was held on June 14-15, 2022. The workshop allowed the participants to get to know the representatives of the other nominated border regions, to network and to exchange ideas. Additionally, the representatives were able to gain deeper insight into the different elements of the Common Ground program, learn about the next steps and participate in an initial advisory session provided by the program office, the nexus Institute.

Launch Event Common Ground

During the festive launch event of the "Common Ground" program, the eight border regions selected in a multi-stage selections process were officially accepted into the program. Together with representatives from politics, administration and civil society, we discussed how democracy can be strengthened in Europe, what role citizen participation can play in this process and what opportunities and challenges for these processes arise in border regions. You can find more information about the evening program on our event page.

Watch the recording of the event! (English dubbing)